YOUMARES 12 (2021)


YOUMARES 12 findet wie letztes Jahr wieder auf der Cap San Diego vom 5.-7.10. statt.

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YOUMARES 11 (2020)

In 2020 wird unsere nächste  YOUMARES-Konferenz in Kooperation mit der GMT

vom 13. bis 16. Oktober in Hamburg stattfinden. Der Auftakt (Eisbrecher) wird am Abend den 13.10. an Bord sein,

  nach dem DGM-Meeresforum mit den DGM-Mitgliedern stattfinden. 

Neuer Veranstaltungsort:




20459 Hamburg


 Hier finden Sie das aktuelle Programm von YOUMAREWS 11:

Youmares 11- Programm


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YOUMARES 2020 Conference 

This year was a historic year for many reasons, mostly due to the ongoing pandemic that has influenced many sectors of our lives personally and professionally. Despite these unfortunate circumstances, we are proud to report that YOUMARES 2020 was a big success for the 11th time. Thanks to a team of determined volunteers from various institutes in Germany who came together (remotely) to organize a hybrid event under the leadership of Leila Kittu. YOUMARES took place in a small physical event of maximum 48 participants on board the former German cargo ship Cap San Diego. In parallel, the physical event was complimented with a virtual program which took place via HOPIN, a virtual conferencing tool. The physical event was also streamed live to the online audience on the Hopin platform. Altogether, YOUMARES 2020 attracted a diverse audience of 180 participants across 20 countries worldwide. The audience ranged from bachelor students to PhDs, early career post graduates and established professors. Both the online and physical program were marked with active participation and interaction from the respective audiences. Streaming the physical event and having parallel sessions virtually gave the audience the feeling of an in-person conference.

The conference was opened with keynote speeches from Prof. Katja Matthes, the new director of GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research and Dr. Peter Kaupke an eye doctor and environmental enthusiast from Hamburg. There was a commonality in their messages that young researchers have the potential to contribute to solutions for climate change. This year, YOUMARES 2020 theme was “JOINING FORCES”, a call to bring together young scientists from diverse fields related to marine science. The conference program embodied the conference theme across 9 sessions. Different topics were covered ranging from Machine learning in marine science, microplastic pollution in the ocean to the challenges and societal perception of extracting offshore non-renewable resources to name a few. Young scientists and experts both physically and virtually engaged in open and interactive discussions about their research. Complimenting the scientific presentations were workshops covering topics such as scientific and climate communication, expedition planning and scientific diving. Feedback from the participants and audience portrayed that it was indeed an enlightening and intellectually stimulating 3 days.

A special feature of the conference was the “Science meets business” event organized in collaboration with the German Association for Marine Technology (GMT). 3 organizations; OceanBasis GmbH, Sea &Sun Tech and project UNITED (FuE Kiel) from the field of marine biotechnology, ocean technology and offshore production presented their projects. This event provided an opportunity for the participants to interact with companies outside of research and learn more about career perspectives outside of academia.

Despite all the challenges that came with planning this hybrid event, we are happy to report that it was indeed successful. Going hybrid for YOUMARES gave access to those who would have otherwise not joined physically to be part of the conference. In addition, by limiting travel to mostly participants from within and around northern Germany, the environmental cost of travel was reduced environmental.  Hybrid YOUMARES demonstrated a sustainable way of hosting future conferences.

All thanks go to the many organizations and companies that supported YOUMARES 2020. And to the participants, audience and volunteers for making this year’s YOUMARES an unforgettable experience.


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Die DGM-Konferenz für Nachwuchswissenschaftler findet das nächste Mal in Hamburg-Dockland statt.

Sept. 11-14, 2019

YOUMARES is a networking plattform for young marine scientist and engineers.
YOUMARES also wants to link research and commercial applications of marine studies.

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YOUMARES 10 in Hamburg war eine erfolgreiche Veranstaltung mit weit über 100 Teilnehmern und einem Schwerpunkt über das Thema Wirtschaft trifft Wissenschaft (WTW),  der gemeinsam mit der Gesellschaft für Maritime Technik (GMT) durchgeführt wurde. Den aktuellen Bericht in Deutsch finden Sie unter:

Youmares 10 Abschlussbericht.pdf


Die Webpage zu Youmares 10 in Englisch mit vielen Bildern der Veranstaltung können sie abrufen unter:

Webpage Youmares 10