• E. Mills
    Socializing solenoids: the acceptance of dynamic oceanography in Germany around the time of the “Meteor“ Expedition.
  • V. Schwach
    The impact of artificial hatching of cod on marine research.
  • G. E. Weir
    Listening: Jezebel, Michael, and the origins of SOSUS 1937 – 1961.
  • G. Parsons
    Scientific laboratories’ investigation of waterborne pollution: English Sea Fisheries District Committees’ efforts 1888 – 1914.
  • M. Deacon
    From salt manufacture to the circulation of the ocean: J.S. von Waitz and his 1755 Paper on the water budget of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • W. Lenz
    The German Committee of Research and Technology (DKMM) – origin, objectives and problems.