jlbhlblklk Deutsche Gesellschaft für Meeresforschung - His.-Meereskundl. Jahrbuch Bd. 19 (2013)
  • L. Béton: The Ekman Repeating Current Meter
  • A. Svansson & T. Kvinge: The Reprating Current Meter
  • J. van Bennekom: Historical notes on inorganic chemistry at work on ships
  • E. Dücker: The pioneering investigations of Paul Regnard (1850-1927) into the physilogical demands on organisms in the deep sea
  • W. Wernand, S. Novoa, H. v.d. Woerd & W. Giekes: A centuries-long history of participartory science in optical oceanography: from observation to interpretation of natural water coloring
  • N. Adamowsky: Visualising the uncertain - William Beebe's A Half Mile Down, notes on the aesthetics of oceanographic knowledge
  • J. Smed: ICES hydrographical investigations before World War I
  • J. Dulcic: Short history of the Adriatic marine science